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South Carolina Wedding Articles

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In The Spotlight
Charleston, SC
Reel Video & Stills / Special Momen...
Greenville, SC
864 281-0012
Silvas Photo and Video
Charleston, SC
The Coastal Breeze Party Band
Irmo, SC
Smithworks Fine Jewelry
Spartanburg, SC
Jean-Paul's Creative Cakes
Hanahan, SC
(843) 744-6791
Cordially Invited
Georgetown, SC
Brenda Owen Wedding Officiant & Min...
Greenville , SC
Wedding Attire
  Looking Through Wedding Dresses
Weddings have often been known as one of the best days in a woman’s life. For the bride –to-be, there are many preparati ...Continue
  Tuxedo Considerations
The grooms attire is often less focused on than the brides; however, that does not mean that it is any less important. A ...Continue
  Wearing Beautiful Wedding Jewelry
For most women, wearing wedding jewelry for their wedding day is a must. This is because it will keep the tradition of h ...Continue
Wedding Day Details
  Selecting the Right Wedding Cakes
When planning a wedding, there are often many different topics of interest that will come to mind, and will be of import ...Continue
  Fun and Memorable Wedding Favors
Attending a wedding party is often a lot of fun for those that have been invited. Going to a wedding party can lead a lo ...Continue
  Choosing The Right Amount of Wedding Guests
The guests make a wedding what it is. Decorations, food, parties, and preparation are all for the purpose of the guests ...Continue
Wedding Ideas
  Creating the Perfect Wedding Invitations
Selecting the appropriate wedding invitations for a wedding ceremony has been known to be a lot of fun for a bride and a ...Continue
Wedding Planning
  Selecting a Wedding Planner
The average wedding takes months to plan. By the end of the planning, most of the involved members are stressed and tire ...Continue
  General Wedding Plan Tips
If this is your first time planning a wedding, you may be feeling a little lost or confused. There are hundreds of peopl ...Continue
  Budgeting for a Wedding
Creating a budget for a wedding is often one of the most important aspects for those that are getting married. This is i ...Continue
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