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Tuxedo Considerations

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South Carolina Wedding Articles » Wedding Attire

The grooms attire is often less focused on than the brides; however, that does not mean that it is any less important. A good tuxedo will usually be unnoticed. A poor one, on the other hand, will likely be seen and commented on, so choosing a good suit is key.

Tuxedos come in a variety of colors. Black and blue are the most common colors worn at a wedding, with black being the most common. Blue is sometimes worn, though it is often used only in conjunction with uniforms. If the groom is an officer or military official, he may wish to wear his uniform. This is a good choice. If not, than black is usually the way to go.

Make sure it fits. An ill-fitting tuxedo will leave the groom uncomfortable and render the entire ceremony un-enjoyable. It will often cause the groom to over heat, which could lead to sickness or even passing out. It will also make the suit look odd, and may draw attention to it. Pants that are too short, jackets that are too tight, and sleeves that reveal four inches of wrist are all issues with ill fitting suits.

To avoid this situation, be sure that the tuxedo is current. By current, I mean new. Renting a tuxedo is a common tradition, as most grooms do not wish to retain their wedding outfit. However, if you do purchase one, do so relatively close to the wedding. Purchasing a tuxedo months or more in advance could lead to a surprise come wedding day.

If you already have a suit, try it on several times before the wedding. The first time, try it on soon enough to decide if it will work or not. Last minute suits are often very expensive. If the suit doesn't fit, consider getting it adjusted. If the size difference is too great, however, than purchasing a new suit or renting one may be necessary.

Shoes are often forgotten about and should also be checked. If they don't fit, get a new pair as early as possible, and wearing them several times before the wedding. This will give them a chance to break in and prevent blisters.

Finally, consider the climate. Do not wear heavy wool if the wedding is going to be outdoors in the middle of a southern summer. Heavy fabrics in hot weather will lead to unsightly sweating, as well as chafing, dehydration, and possibly even blacking out.

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