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Choosing The Right Amount of Wedding Guests

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The guests make a wedding what it is. Decorations, food, parties, and preparation are all for the purpose of the guests who will attend your wedding. The larger the amount of guests, the more preparation and budgeting will be needed. Planning for a large number can be stressful, but a small amount may be depressing for some. There are pros and cons to each type of wedding, and the final decision will ultimately be based on the amount of effort you are willing to invest.

Small Weddings
Small weddings are absolutely necessary for some. Months of planning and thousands of dollars in expenses will drive some to the point of eloping. Being able to have a small ceremony with the closest family members and friends can reduce the stress and make the ceremony simple.

The advantages of a small wedding are numerous. The costs are generally minimal, and certain services are generally not needed, such as catering and bands. Most smaller wedding processions will simply go to a nice restaurant for their meal, and rent a small church for the reception. For outdoor weddings, a small wedding can be placed in a larger backyard that is decorated, followed by a small party inside the house with food that was made specially for the occasion.

The disadvantages to a small wedding are dependent on the person. For some, a large number of guests will be important, as will an extravagant party, large amount of gifts, and live entertainment. If this is the case, a small wedding will be nothing more than disappointing.

Large Weddings
Large weddings allow for things that a small one does not. Often taking place in a cathedral or large outdoor area, large weddings give the opportunity for a good number of guests, as well as live entertainment, including bands and vocalist.

The disadvantages to a large wedding are also dependent on the couple. For some, they are a negative aspect that is necessary for a dream wedding. The downside includes a high bill (often very large), as well as the need for months of planning and a very large amount of stress. A great deal of stress before the wedding, which is stressful itself, could be damaging to the relationship or eliminate the joy from the occasion.

There is no right or wrong wedding. Each depends on the couple, and the best wedding can only be determined by the people it is for.

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