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General Wedding Plan Tips

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South Carolina Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

If this is your first time planning a wedding, you may be feeling a little lost or confused. There are hundreds of people to contact, as well as locations to book, invitations to make, etc. The stress can quickly become overwhelming and lead to burnout or worse.

There are some basic things to do first when planning a wedding, and understanding them before beginning will help the process in general.

Here is some general advice on starting wedding preparations.

Consider a Planner
A wedding planner is usually the first bit of advice given to someone expecting a wedding. A planner will be able to contact professionals in the industry, as well as make the phone calls and schedule the tours for you. A good planner will also be able to give you advice on planning a budget, secure any funding you need, prepare invitations, contact catering, select a cake, etc.

Most planners have a flat fee, but some charge by percentage. Be sure to discus payment rates and requirements before hiring a planner. Also, ask for references and try to contact past customers. Ask about any problems they may have had, or if they would be willing to work with the planner again.

Set a Date
Setting a date is necessary. A wedding cannot be created without a date, as reception halls, caterers, photographers, etc. will all need to be contacted a good deal of time before the wedding. This is also a necessary piece of advice, as nothing can happen until a date is set.

Make a Budget
A budget is needed to determine what is optional and what is not. A finite budget will narrow the search for many things, including planners, caterers, locations, cakes, decorations, invitations, and the many other elements that come with planning a wedding.

Estimate Guest Numbers
The size of the wedding is determined by the number of guests. Most advice suggests making an estimation of the guest numbers, and to proceed from there. An estimation will allow you to fit that amount into your budget, and then work from there. Reception halls and caterers will eventually need a final number, but not until the wedding is near.

Knowing the guest amount, the budget you have to work in, and the date are always the first step in planning a wedding. Beyond that, a planner is the next step most take, as planning wedding is a long term commitment that is often difficult and confusing.

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