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Selecting a Wedding Planner

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South Carolina Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

The average wedding takes months to plan. By the end of the planning, most of the involved members are stressed and tired of the whole ordeal. This is not a good situation. Weddings are supposed to be enjoyed by everyone, and wanting the event to end is hardly enjoyable.

There are many aspects to planning a wedding, and trying to organize and schedule them all is usually difficult for someone who has no wedding planning experience. This is where a wedding planner comes into play. A wedding planner will be able use their industry contacts to get you better deals and to organize events quicker. They will also have lists and contacts that you will not.

A planner is intended to make the calls and organize the events for you. You will work in conjunction with the planner to finalize decorations, designs, and locations. When looking for a planner, there are a few things to consider.

What is the cost of the planner? You are financially able to afford them for the duration needed, and will they do everything you need for the price quoted? If not, what costs extra and by how much?

Most planners offer either a percentage of the total cost or a flat fee. Percentage payments are ideal for the best service, but are usually only an option for large, expensive weddings. Flat fees are the next best, and most common, but limit the amount of hours the organizer will invest. Finally, some planners offer their services free. Free means that they are getting paid by companies that the planner brings business to. Because of this, some planners will not take you to the best company, but instead to the most expensive.

A good wedding planner has years of experience and/or a list of satisfied customers. Ask about other past experiences, what the outcomes were, and if they have any references. Try to contact a previous customer and ask about their experience with the planner. Did they do everything promised? Was there any mistakes? Would they work with the same planner again?

The planner should help you with every aspect of the wedding, including formulating a budget, finding financial aid, putting together menus, etc. If a planner seems unwilling to help when you ask, or only does the bare minimum needed, then consider getting a new one.

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